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Friday, June 15, 2007

Real or Not Real

How do you know if someone is really being themselves on the net? You don't, right? What really gets me mad on this forums is that (especially the one board I grew to love, but now don't have the passion I use to have) people just like to 'hang' someone without getting to know them. The badger the new people in the most horrible way they can and tell them that they are false or they aren't real. It is so cruel how these mom's act like school girls. The push a person into a corner and 'suck' you dry, so you cannot breath. Even amongst themselves they will soffocate one another. When someone leaves and then comes back they are like snakes and badger the person, yet many of the mom's have asked the person to come back (I wasn't one of them, but I felt like one person was hinting to me). I know I would never have returned to the board if it wasn't for me to face my fears or if some of the mom's didn't ask me, as it is I don't even go on as much, I think it has been a month or even more since I last posted. I really don't have the passion to share like I use to. That once feeling like I could relate or share with other mom's or just have someone to chat to is gone. When I did type on the board I felt uncomfortable. I felt like people were teasing me in their minds, yes I don't like teasing, because I grew up being teased by my family. It hurts a person, so now I just keep quiet and don't say anything to anyone.

If I was as open as I was in the begining I would have asked the question, 'why is when someone leaves everyone asks the person to come back, but when they do come back, people say it upsets them when the person leaves and returns', or something in that line. I for one can say that it took me a long time to go back. I was hurt, it felt like my insides had been ripped by the hurt and the email was only the last, it was building up by the bitchiness towards me. Everything I did or said, I was lying. People only want to believe who they want to believe.


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