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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today I Thought About You - Poem

Today I thought about you
All dressed in a pretty white dress
Today I thought about you
smiling your sweet smile
Today I thought about you alot

My heart ached knowing I won't touch your tiny fingers
I won't hear your cute laughter
I won't get to cuddle you
My heart aches just to know you won't be around

Today I thought about you twirling around in your pretty white dress
Smiling as you twirled and laughing every time you looked at me
I thought of you walking on your tippy toes
putting your hands on my cheeks and giving me a kiss

I felt your warmth in my arms
your softness of your skin
I felt you cuddle up next to me
and moved my arms around you

I thought of you and I going shopping
Trying on new clothes, trying on new shoes
Sitting and chatting of who you liked and who you didn't

I thought of you walking down the aisle
Smiling and Glowing to let the world know you happy
I thought of all the good times

I dream of you always
I dream of fun times
I dream of a daughter I'll never have


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